Peer to Peer Collaboration Program

Developing collaboration and relationships

At Bakewell Primary School the Peer To Peer (P2P) Collaboration Program aims to develop relationships between younger and older students, enhancing the sense of a supportive learning school community.

Program learning intentions

  • Providing leadership opportunities through Peer to Peer Tutoring
  • Building respect and responsibility within our student body
  • Developing caring and considerate students who are able to connect and support others
  • Creating students who include others and have an awareness of diversity
  • Promoting social and support networks for all students

Program requirements

Students will attend for 1 hour each second Wednesday 1.30-2.30. All students at Bakewell Primary School participate in the school’s P2P Collaboration program.

Students participate in a range of learning experiences linked to the Australian Curriculum and supporting our strategic plan and school initiatives.

Peer to Peer Collaboration Program

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