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Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) provides extensive training to educators to develop academic and social skills in students as well as the habits and behaviours needed to succeed in accessing a rigorous curriculum.

AVID provides educators with proven, real-world strategies to accelerate the performance of all students so they succeed in school life, university and potential career opportunities.

AVID at Bakewell Primary

We are proud to be the only certified AVID school in the NT and one of the first AVID schools in Australia.

The Australian curriculum identifies what to teach, while the AVID framework is a collection of "best practices" which provides teachers with tools and strategies on how to teach the curriculum.

AVID supported our endeavour to build a teaching and learning community where consistency and accountability is key. There is a whole school expectation that all students are organised, learning and applying 'strategies for success'. There is also an expectation that teachers are established and maintain the 'best' conditions for learning.

At Bakewell we use AVID tools and strategies to support us in our vision of delivering excellence in education. Paul Nyhuis, Principal

AVID Framework

AVID Framework

The framework consists of daily routines and behaviours supporting students to develop their critical thinking and improve their english and maths skills across all content.

The two overarching components of the framework are:

  • Successful learner

Successful Learner

Consists of routines, behaviours and strategies students can learn, strengthen and maintain, enabling them to become proactive learners who take responsibility for their learning.


WICOR is an acronym for Writing to Learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organisation and Reading. The WICOR strategies are embedded throughout Teaching and Learning, enabling our teachers to focus on the process of student learning as opposed to the end product.

AVID in Australian Classrooms

We have a strong partnership with AVID Australia and Victoria University, who provide professional learning and support for our school community and educators. There are currently over 40 schools in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia implementing AVID.

Educators receive a comprehensive suite of professional learning programs and resources throughout the school year resulting in teachers extending their collection of strategies and tactics to build their students' ability and aspirations. AVID's unique teacher training event (Summer Institute) attracts hundreds of AVID educators from around the country to attend the three day immersion model of professional learning developing explicit teaching skills.

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