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Posted on 14 November 2017

Newsletter 20 September 2017 - Student Achievement

Newsletter 20 September 2017 - Student Achievement

While there has been a renewed focus on student data it should not be all consuming. The data only tells part of the story, there is so much more to education and the development of the whole child.At Bakewell we focus on delivering a broad and contemporary education service, including opportunities…

Posted on 08 September 2017

Newsletter - 6 September 2017

Student achievement refers to the outcome, end result, and the product of teaching. The achievement of students in all aspects of learning answers the WHY? Why do we as teachers and educators do what we do? The why of teaching, is so that students can develop and learn. The why is so that every student…

Posted on 22 August 2017

School Survey

School Survey

In Term 3 of each year, schools in the Northern Territory are required to survey students, parents and staff.  It is open for the next two weeks, closing on Friday 1 September. The survey is confidential and anonymous and will take around 10-15 minutes to complete.Please note the descriptors in the survey…

Posted on 14 June 2017

Newsletter 14 June 2017

This week and next we will continue to maintain our high expectations of teaching and learning as we come to the end of Term 2. As a high functioning and performing school we are committed to excellence and student learning and ensuring that academic learning time is maximised.Download Newsletter

Posted on 02 June 2017

Newsletter 31 May 2017

This week Bakewell Primary School hosted an Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Leadership Meeting. Colleagues from Victoria and the United States delivered professional learning sessions to Bakewell teachers on effective teaching strategies. At Bakewell we invest heavily in teacher development…

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