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Posted on 14 March 2018

Newsletter 14 March 2018 - Student Wellbeing

Student WellbeingA ‘Bakewell Community’ Call to Action: For as long as I have been working in the field of education which is over 25 years, I have had a passion for student wellbeing – and seeing young people positively engaged in learning, and thriving in life. It is probably what inspired me to be…

Posted on 28 February 2018

Newsletter 28 February 2018 - Parent Voice Matters

Parent Voice Matters! The voices of our parents matter at Bakewell which is why we have numerous processes and strategies in place to ensure we capture this important stakeholder group perspective. I view parents as our ‘client’, and while our students are ultimately the ones who receive the educational…

Posted on 14 February 2018

Newsletter - 14 February 2018 Positive Relationships

The Bakewell Mantra, Positive Relationships and High Expectations places the notion of relationships up front. It recognises that without a positive, respectful and healthy relationship quality teaching, and therefore learning, does not occur. To learn, students need to be engaged. To be engaged, there…

Posted on 05 February 2018

Newsletter 5 February 2018 - Welcome

Welcome to Bakewell School for 2018 The Bakewell School community has enjoyed a wonderful start to the 2018 school year! A very sincere thank you to all parents and carers for supporting your child/ren in their preparation for the new school year.Download Newsletter

Posted on 11 December 2017

Newsletter 7 December 2017

Wrapping up 2017.  We have had another year focussed on school improvement and excellence in education. importantly we have continued our primary focus on quality teaching and learning and student achievement; this remains our core business. In 2017 Bakewell progressed a number of exciting innovations…

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