Student Well Being

Student Well Being

Supporting students

Our school mantra is 'Positive Relationships and High Expectations'.

Here at Bakewell we have a strong focus on supporting the whole child to achieve, not only academically but also emotionally and socially.

We promote a culture that is respectful, professional, inclusive and safe.

Consistent expectations

Clear and consistent expectations are embedded across the whole school. Our foundation is about making “good choices not poor choices” this strong focus is linked to the Bakewell Code of Conduct which is:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Part of the Solution

Our Code of Conduct is embedded in the whole school community including staff, students and parents. We encourage the same language collaboratively.

The principles of a growth mindset are explicitly taught to all students.

Student Well Being

Wellbeing support program

Student wellbeing and positive relationships are paramount at Bakewell and as such we have a wellbeing support program which includes a fulltime school counsellor. We are the only NT primary school to have this invaluable resource.

It’s really important that students feel successful and use a growth mindset enables this, for example instead of saying “I have failed” we encourage “I will do better next time” or instead of “I can’t do it” we encourage “I can’t do it yet!” The principles of a growth mindset are explicitly taught to all students.

By teaching a growth mindset we challenge students to ask questions, develop listening skills, ask for support or try to do things a different way to achieve the desired outcome.

It is our responsibility to ensure every child’s needs are met and adjust the curriculum to ensure all students are engaged and learning at their level.

Student Well Being

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