Bakewell Preschool is an integral part of the Bakewell School campus. We provide a safe, experience rich setting where your child will have a very productive time

Children will be motivated to develop their skills, abilities and attitudes to the very best of their capabilities while enjoying the learning process through both structured and unstructured play and activities.

  • Attending Preschool every session is an important part of your child’s learning and gives them the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to begin formal schooling the following year.
  • Parents are encouraged to spend the first 15 minutes of the session working together completing puzzles and admiring and discussing work samples on display around the room. Preschool students must always be accompanied into Preschool. At no time may a Preschool student be left to enter the Preschool on their own.
  • Please be prompt when collecting students to ensure students don’t worry unnecessarily. Students will only be dismissed into the care of an adult. Written permission must be given if a student is to be dismissed into the care of an adult other than a parent.
  • On days when there is an impending storm at the end of the school day, parents may collect students from Preschool before 2.45pm to help beat the storm and avoid congestion in the car park that often occurs when it is raining.
  • If your child will be absent from Preschool please notify us directly by speaking with a staff member, phone on 0889310487 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • At Preschool we have snack time. Please provide your child with 4 pieces of fruit or vegetables to share. These can be brought in at the beginning of the week or one each day. Fresh or dried fruit are both great.
  • Each semester Preschool students are required to purchase a Preschool Supply Pack. Supply Packs are $40 per semester. The packs enable the Preschool to provide and facilitate a rich teaching and learning program for all students.
  • Cold water is available from bubblers at all times and students are encouraged to drink throughout the day.
  • As Preschool is an integral part of Bakewell School Campus, Preschool students are encouraged to wear the Bakewell School uniform which can be purchased at the front office.
  • Please ensure your child has a NAMED school hat with them every day. The Preschool has a very strict “No Hat, No Play” policy. Students without a hat are not permitted to leave the shade of the verandah during outside playtimes.
  • Students are to wear suitable footwear to Preschool. Shoes that students can take on and off independently are required. NO THONGS please.
  • Students visit the school library once a week and may borrow one book to take for reading at home. A library bag is required for placing borrowed books into. Please ensure your child’s library bag is named. Library books are changed each week. Bakewell Library Bags may be purchased from the front office.
  • During the Dry Season the classroom can become quite cool and students will require a jumper/jacket for Preschool. School jackets are available from the front office.
  • Early Childhood School assemblies are held at 8.30am on alternate Fridays. Preschool students will attend each fortnight and parents are welcome to attend these assemblies. During the school year the Friday morning preschool group will perform an item at assembly. Parents will be informed well in advance of when this will happen.
  • Accidents and Incidents that may occur during the Preschool day will be recorded in an Accident and Incident Book. Parents will be kept informed of any accident and/or incident that may involve their child.
  • Please ensure contact details are ALWAYS up to date. Should we need to contact someone in an emergency we must have access to current phone numbers. Please let the front office staff know as soon as there are any changes to these details.
  • Should your child have any medical condition/allergies/food intolerances etc please complete the relevant section on your child’s enrolment form and speak with staff regarding the special care of your child while at Preschool.
  • Each student beginning Preschool will require a Sun Smart Permission form to be completed. This form gives staff permission to apply sun screen
  • As an ongoing fundraiser throughout the year the Preschool sells ice cups at the end of the day on Wednesdays. Ice cups sell for 50c each and are available from the Preschool. Money from the sale of ice cups is used to purchase items for the Preschool.
  • During the year there are opportunities for parents/families and friends to visit the Preschool classroom during open nights. These are informal visits that give all parents the opportunity to visit the classroom with students, to view work, see progress being made and concepts being learnt. Should you wish to speak with staff in a more formal setting please do not hesitate to make an appointment for a parent/teacher interview.

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