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The Library Team works collaboratively to ensure that the Bakewell School Community is provided with an efficient facility that:

  • Supports the planning and implementation of the teaching and learning programs.
  • Provides quality resources that promote and support reading for pleasure.
  • Provides teaching staff with curriculum resources and professional development materials from within and outside of the school.
  • Has a welcoming, stimulating and bright atmosphere. Is promoted as a learning centre for students, school staff and parents.
  • Provides and maintains a wide range of multimedia resources.
  • Is available as a venue for professional development, meetings, recreational activities and special events.

The Library Program

Each class has a 30 minute session per week. This is predominantly for the returning and borrowing of books. A 'discussion focus' is incorporated within this time.

The aims of these discussions are:

  • Informing the students of the range of multimedia resources available.
  • Developing and sustaining, in students, the habit and enjoyment of reading for pleasure.
  • Introducing and practising the skills needed for the independent use of the library.
  • General housekeeping eg reinforcement of library rules/promoting the use of library bags.

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